Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hedge Laying Day

Following a week of horrible weather, we had a lovely sunny day for our hedge laying workshop, bright and not too cold. Bob Howe and Geoff Kistner spent Tuesday preparing the next length of overgrown and unmanaged hedge, which made the task a little easier for the volunteers.

Although thinned out, the remaining growth still needed to be unravelled and trimmed, before the skilled work could start.
After a short break for a soupy lunch and cake, the team continued laying and then fixing the new hedge with stakes and binders.
Next year the new growth should be thick and strong , a good habitat for birds and other wee beasties.
They resulting bit of hedge looks good, with another section to the right that will be tackled later on. Our thanks go to Jim Wallden from Haskett Ltd, who was an expert guide and kindly left some binders for our use, the refreshment team and all those who helped before and on the day.

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