Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Our Next Working Party

On Saturday 8th November we shall have 300 wild flower plugs to plant.
As usual we shall start at 10 o'clock and our Refreshment Team will provide delicious, homemade soups and other tempting offerings to boost our spirits and energy!

The plants have been ordered from British Wild Flower Plants, using grant money that the Green Light Trust gave us earlier this year. We have created bare patches in the wood in shady, semi shady and sunny areas. All we need is plenty of helpers with trowels!

We also hope to raid the School's tree nursery for trees to replace those that have died in the woodland. Other activities are planned, but more about those nearer the day.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Kestrel chick

The owl box erected in Buckle's Wood to provide a nesting site for barn owls has been occupied by a pair of kestrels that raised two chicks. This one was ringed for BTO records.

Photo (c) Roger Horne.