Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Went up to the wood with my camera one sunny afternoon recently and had a pleasant, peaceful time, just wandering around, listening to the birds (Jackdaws, Rooks, a Green Woodpecker and other singing songsters in the hedgerow) and taking the odd photo.
The flowers on the Blackthorn were just coming out and looked lovely.
A Peacock butterfly was fluttering about between the new trees and the hedge, as were a number of Bumble bees.
Most of the trees had green leaves showing and I came away thinking all's well-- but we do need some rain!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another sunny day!

We made some more wood piles in the last area that we planted, using some of the trimmings from the last hedge laying session. The rest of the debris was burnt and enjoyed by all the "helpers!"

Trees and guards were checked, a few dead trees were replaced, and some spiral guards were swapped for rigid ones.

The heap of mulch was distributed around the base of trees that didn't get much last year and we scouted round for litter (not much) and broken guards, canes and stakes (only a few).

Some wild flower plants have started to grow. Bumble bees and a few butterflies were about and of course-most of the trees are showing signs of coming into leaf.

A big thank you to Jackie (for organising the refreshments), all the soup and cake providers and Maria for the eggsellent, extra surprises for all the children who helped.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Saturday 10th April. Next working party.

We aim to start work at 10 o'clock.

Tree stakes and guards need to be checked and the heap of mulch by Blanche's bench should be distributed round trees.

Please bring wheelbarrows, spades, lump hammers, and loppers/secateurs. We also need to move some of the the debris from the hedge laying session into the wood, to make wood piles.

As I walked round the wood last week, Jackdaws flapped off noisily from the Barn Owl box. No sign of the Kestrels, although the Barn Owl has been seen hunting over the wood at dusk recently.