Monday, 5 September 2005

Wood Field

In about five years, you'll see young trees growing here. In about twenty years, it'll all look very different. In fifty years, Elmsett villagers might have forgotten that it ever looked like this.

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Saturday, 3 September 2005

What we want in our wood

What we want in our wood
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The design session at the village hall today was productive, despite the disappointing turnout. We know some of you were on holiday, so you'’re forgiven! Those who participated included Mark Nowers, Wolves Wood RSPB Warden, and Gary Battell from Suffolk County Council, who both had some useful advice and information to impart. Hilary Furlong, our tree warden, offered some insights based on her specialist knowledge of the area.

After Grenville Clark (People Planting Team Leader from the Green Light Trust) had given a short slide show explaining the work of the trust and of similar schemes, we drafted some ideas on maps of the site. These will be considered by the steering group. We'’ll take advice from various experts before producing a proposal that will incorporate as many ideas as possible, though we know we won'’t be able to please everyone. We'll use many of the school children's wishes for our plans. Several people mentioned wanting '‘a stream'’ around the woodland, but artificial streams can only be created on a small scale in gardens with pumping equipment. There is no water course through our field so there won'’t be a stream, but there may be a pond to attract wildlife and birds.

The ideas we'’ve collected include:
Owl boxes;
A semi-open vista through the wood, so walkers can see the view across the fields to St. Peter'’s Church;
An open space for use as a picnic area and open-air classroom;
Shrubby areas to provide a habitat for wildlife;
A memorial area, where people can plant trees in memory of their loved ones;
A log pile, where rotting timber will provide another natural habitat.

It'’s not too late to add ideas to the pool, but please let us know ASAP if you'’d like them taken into consideration.

James Buckle, the landowner, and Grenville, have submitted a grant application to the Forestry Commission. We'’re hoping it'’ll be successful, but we'’ll still need to raise funds from elsewhere.

At the end of November we'’ll begin planting trees, and will need lots of helpers. Even if you can'’t dig, there are other ways you might help. We'’d especially like some help with fund-raising, and if there are any engineers or surveyors in the village, we'’d love to hear from you. Email eggscheme[at]