Monday, 31 May 2010

Discovering Moths

Our next event, on Saturday 12th June, will be a moth hunt, led by Mark Nowers, the RSPB warden at Wolves Wood. It will be an early start, as we shall look at the moth trap with Mark at 8 o'clock.
Not all moths are boringly dull and just fly at night. Pyraustra purpuralis, (above) which is small enough to fit on a 5p coin, was flying about the borders in bright sunlight.
Here are some more interested facts to whet your appetite, with grateful thanks to an article in this Saturday's environmental section of the East Anglian Daily Times!
More than 2,500 species of moths have been recorded in Britain and the Channel Isles.
Some moths travel here from Europe and North Africa.
They pollinate plants and are eaten by bats and birds.
And, like other forms of wildlife, their numbers are declining.
We shall have a short break for a bacon butty breakfast and then Mark will help us to identify bird songs, as we stroll round the wood.
If it's wet, the event will be cancelled

Sunday, 16 May 2010

School Fete

The School's annual village fete is next weekend (22nd. May) and the EGGS team will be there with our Buckle's Wood, long lasting and sustainably made bags. These are much better for our planet than plastic bags. Have you read about the huge area in the Pacific Ocean that is clogged up with tiny pieces of plastic, carried there by the world's ocean currents.
We shall fill a Buckle's Wood bag with eco-goodies, to offer as our raffle prize and bargain second hand books for you to purchase and enjoy at your leisure.