Saturday, 27 August 2005

Design a Woodland

There'll be a Design a Woodland session in Elmsett & Aldham Village Hall on Saturday next, 3rd September, starting at 10 am. If you can’t come but would like to contribute your ideas, please click on this map, save it, print it A4 size, add your suggestions, and return it to Sue Mackie before Saturday.

We’d welcome suggestions for a name for our new woodland. The field used to be called ‘Wood Field’.

You can email us - see the address, right. It's been altered to prevent spam, but you know what to do.

Sunday, 14 August 2005

EGGS progress report, August 2005

by Sue Mackie

Following a second informal meeting with James Buckle, Grenville and Margaret will draw up an agreement between EGGS and James that will allow us to plant and manage our new woodland on the field at the back of The Meadow.

This is the small area of land surrounded by an ancient hedge, about 6.5+ acres in size. The original name was The Wood Field! After James has harvested the wheat, he'll prepare the land and sow a grass mix for us, so that we can begin planting in the late autumn. He appears to be very interested in our scheme and has offered a considerable amount of practical help.

With support from Oswald Simpson and Sean and Nicci French-Gerrard, we'll be able to use the footpath that goes along the fields at the back of the meadow for tractor and trailer access. We are planning to build a new bridge across the ditch at the back of the meadow for pedestrians - there are one or two gaps that we could widen slightly.

Grenville, Gary Battell (Woodland Advisory Officer at Suffolk CC) and Margaret have been working on a basic design plan for our woodland in order to obtain a grant from The Forestry Commission. There are various other sources of money that are available and we are looking for a willing volunteer to help us with grant applications and fundraising. Please let me know if you can help.

The basic plan will be amended following an open meeting for the villagers on Saturday 3rd September at the Village Hall from 10 o’clock. Everyone will be given a map of The Wood Field on which ideas and designs can be drawn. The school has provided a lot of good ideas from the children and staff, although I think the person who suggested coconut trees may be disappointed.