Saturday, 23 June 2018

Improving the pond

Following a discussion with Charles Course last year about how to improve the pond to attract more wildlife, work  to make it larger and deeper in the middle will start on 
                                                       Monday 25th June
This work will be carried out by Heathpatch Ltd.

Please be aware that large earth moving machinery will be moving about near the footpath and rides alongside the pond and it would be advisable to enter the wood elsewhere. Your cooperation will be much appreciated!
The wood is looking really good now. Have a wonder around and see if you can spot the Yellow Rattle! In the picture below--Ox-eye Daisies in the evening sunlight.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Wildflower patches

At the end of April Mac cleared  5 patches with his strimmer --one area for the five types of wildflower seeds from Grow Wild. We soaked them with water from the pond and then  went on holiday! Two weeks later, the ground looked very dry, so we have had to use the pond water again. Last week an enthusiastic group of children from the school helped, but it still took about an hour to do all five areas. 
Small plants are growing-- lets hope we get some more rain over half term!

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Help needed in the wood.

Earlier this year we applied  for a selection of free packets of wildflower seeds from GrowWild. Our application was successful and our pack arrived last month

The Management Group will prepare five suitable areas beforehand, ready for volunteers to sow a packet of  seeds. These are  the five selections of flower types.   

The wet weather has eased up and spring is in the air, so we shall be sowing our seeds next Saturday 21st April at 10.30 . Everyone is welcome, but the number of packets is you need to be in the wood on time. We shall give out the seeds by the pond.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Almost Spring

Strong winds in January blew down part of a coppiced ash in the hedge, blocking the ride towards the back of the wood. We hope to clear it out of the way soon. We shall pile up the twiggy bits in amongst the trees to make protective habitats for small animals.
Since writing this; Alan Smyth,  with help from a small group of woodlanders has cut up and removed the main part of the tree, which has just left the twiggy bits piled into heaps nearby.

The stormy winds also tore off  some of the rigid tree guards. I don't like to see plastic lying about-- not good for the environment, so I have been collecting them up and  put in my black, non recyclable bin.
Look out for signs of spring as you wander round and thank you to all the people who clean  up after their dogs--- the dog waste bins fill up really quickly!!!!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Plans for the pond


 This  photo of our  pond was taken soon after it had been dug out in 2014. In fact it started to fill up while it was being dug and the men didn't have time to seal the base properly .

This year the pond has had very little water in it since the spring and looks very sad!

 Charles Course from Heathpatch Ltd, suggested that the pond should be made  deeper and perhaps larger and .has offered to use his digger to do the work for us during the winter.
I'm sure that all the pupils from Elmsett School who helped to design our woodland, will be jumping up and down with joy because they knew that a pond  would attract a huge variety of wildlife into our wood.
 Hip Hip hurrah!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Thanks for your help!

The wildflowers along the edge of the rides were cut last week ready for the working party to rake up and put into heaps among the trees.
A small group of 7 retired, over seventies (except one ), managed to rake up most of the debris and heap it  into piles along the rides.

But the dark clouds were looming  ---  time was running out and energy was  ebbing away!

So the  piles still need to  be moved off the rides and heaped between the trees.This will  encourage more wildflowers to grow next year

Strong winds are forecast for Tuesday night, so if anyone has some spare time PLEASE head into the wood with a fork and complete the work that the golden oldies started !!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lots to see and great to be, in Buckle's Wood

So many Wild flowers!

and birds

and butterflies and moths!