Saturday, 24 November 2007

Our Final Tree Planting Day.

Next Saturday, the 1st of December, will be our last tree planting session. There will be lots going on, as well as all the hard work! Paul Jackson from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust will arrive at 9.30. to put the Barn Owl box on top of our pole. Tree planters will start to arrive at 10 o'clock, with their wheelbarrows, lump hammers and spades, ready for action.

Many people will be planting their own trees that they have donated to our woodland. Of these, 45 will be native oaks. I wonder if any of these trees will grow to be 800 years old, like Old Knobbley, who was featured in last week's East Anglian Daily Times and is mentioned in Archie Miles' latest book Hidden Trees of England. Archie Miles also wrote The Trees that Made Britain, a copy of which will be one of the prizes in our RAFFLE. The Powergen energy saving box, which includes the Eco Kettle is also one of the prizes.

Members of the Steering Group will be busy beforehand, getting everything ready for planting, and our souper chefs will be cooking up a feast for lunch (and tea, coffee and cakes for extras. We hope that that this will be another enjoyable and memorable event for all.

See you there!!!