Saturday, 9 June 2007

Whatever next!

The Woodland Fayre is being organised by a small, enthusiastic sub-committee of eco-warriors!!! They have contacted many companies, organisations and people to ask for their support. We are just amazed at the replies that have been sent so far. I am having to take a two week holiday to recover.These are just a few more examples of the brilliant responses to our green celebration, in no particular order.

Taylor Made Joinery (Bildeston) sent us a generous donation. Ipswich Town Football Club sent us a voucher for 2 people to tour their carbon neutral stadium. Kew Gardens have sent a book, which has been signed by Tony Kirkham and Jon Hammerton. Ipswich Audi has sent 4 tickets for an Ipswich Town match. Suffolk County Council's recycling bus will be there.

There will be more when I get back!