Saturday, 8 March 2014

Preparations for some more wildflowers.

A cloudy morning, but no rain to discourage a small group of woodlanders who met in the middle of the wood  where the school children will each  plant a wildflower plug later on  of this term.We were going to  kill off areas of  grass by turning over the turf, but decided to lift  the turf and use  it to edge the pond.
A great effort by Mac, Liam and Geoff, the turf lifters and shifters.
Alexander, who forked over the earth in the squares.
John, Margaret and the girls, who did an excellent job sorting out stakes and tree guards.
We bought our wildflower plugs  from Shrublands, our local nursery and intended  to plant them last term, but other events and the weather  got in the way. We also want to put plants in and around the pond. Hilary has made a start by bringing along some marsh marigolds, which she planted in a boggy bit. Good job she came in her wellies!

Monday, 3 March 2014

We shall be there

We shall be selling our eco-friendly carrier bags, made from natural fibre, which will decompose on your compost heap!