Sunday, 30 September 2007

Suffolk ACRE Awards

Earlier this year, Elmsett Parish Council proposed that EGGS should be considered for a Community Achievement Award from Suffolk ACRE.

At the beginning of September we were told that our new community woodland was one of four schemes that were being considered for an award. We were pleased meet Andrew Budden, from Suffolk ACRE, to tell him all about our scheme and show him round Buckle's Wood.

Members of the Steering Group were invited to their seventieth AGM and award ceremony on Thursday 27th September. We were delighted to receive a certificate for joint 2nd/3rd place, which was presented to us by Lord Tollemache and Lady Cranbrook.

The EGGS project has been "commended for outstanding community achievement".

Well done everyone; helpers, organisers and supporters, especially The Green Light Trust and James Buckle.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Your trees in our woodland

We shall be planting our last trees in Buckle’s Wood in November.

If you'd like to have a tree planted in memory of a loved one, or a group of trees as a family donation, please select from the list of native trees that are suited to this area, listed on the order form. To download the form, click on the image (right) so it opens in a new window, then right-click on the image and choose 'save image as...', then save to your desktop. Open the file on your desktop and print. You might want to note these instructions before you start.

If you've rather have a form emailed to you as a PDF file, email us with 'Tree donation' in the subject line.

Individual trees will cost £10.00
Four trees will cost £30.00

The price includes the cost of stakes, tree guards and the tree’s future maintenance.

A permanent record of all the donations to Buckle’s Wood will be kept in a folder, which will be available for everyone to see.

Please return your order, with a cheque made payable to EGGS, by the 23rd September, to:

Sue Mackie MBE,
Myrtle Cottage, Whatfield Road, Elmsett. IP7 6LZ
Jackie Parkinson,
Baybrooks, Hadleigh Road, Elmsett IP7 6ND

For information about the variety of trees, see the British Trees website.