Sunday, 3 February 2013

Creating a pond

In 1993, when the playground was altered to  accommodate Elmsett School's Community Recycling Centre, the pond area was landscaped were made made safe for the pupils to use as an environmental resource. Wild flowers and additional trees were planted. The pond was cleared out and a  dipping platform was built.   When the new play area on the meadow was built last year, the surplus soil was used to fill in the pond.
The original design for Buckle's Woodincluded a pond. The plan was drawn by Greville from The Green Light Trust, using ideas from  the pupils and members of the community.  As all the trees have been planted, and the village has lost the School's pond, the management group have decided that this year will be a good time for a Pond in Buckle's Wood. 
With guidance from Juliet Hawkins, our pond will be safe, environmentally friendly feature that will attract a greater variety of wildlife into our woodland.

This is where the pond will be!