Wednesday, 30 June 2010

News and Next Working Party

James has cut the rides, with a few extra diversions, a pleasing number of wild flowers are thriving and butterflies, insects and other small creatures were apparent when I wandered round yesterday with my camera.
I shall have to get help with identifying some of the things that I photographed, like this construction in the grass
There's a website that will do just that for people like me, who have a great interest in the environment, but not the knowledge to go with it! So why not bring your camera to our next working party.
Saturday 17th July. We'll be starting at 10 o'clock

Monday, 14 June 2010

Marvellous Moths

Everyone had a good time on Saturday, with thanks to Mark who writes:-
Thank you having me along this morning to show what came to the moth traps last night. A wonderful gathering for a Saturday morning, which goes to show how much regard everyone has for their woodland wildlife. The bacon sandwich was a real bonus.
The following is a list of species encountered:
Pale Tussock~ Spectacle ~ Buff Tip~Vine's Rustic~ Buff Ermine~ White Ermine, Oak Hook-tip Brown Rustic~ Nutmeg~Common Swift~ Setaceous Hebrew Character
Mottled Rustic~ Pale Mottled Willow~ Heart and Dart~ Light Emerald
Small Waved Umber~ Small Magpie~ Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Common Wainscot Not forgetting the birds: Last night there was a Barn Owl hunting the field to the east and a Little Owl on the telegraph wires.
Today, we heard and/or saw:

Blue Tit~ Great Tit~ Yellowhammer~ Chaffinch~ Dunnock~ Whitethroat,
Lesser Whitethroat~ Song Thrush~ Wood Pigeon~ Jackdaw.All I need now are some photos please!