Sunday, 2 December 2007

Finished with a Flourish

Amazingly, we had another sunny, but windy morning for our last tree planting session. Most of the 60+ people who had donated trees joined our "professional" planters and got the job finished by early afternoon. There were lots of compliments for the delicious soups, cakes and drinks that the Refreshment Team prepared to revitalise the workers

The Barn Owl box is on top of the pole and a special seat, dedicated to Paul Marshall on his retirement has been placed nearby. Made from reclaimed scaffold boards by Reelfurniture, the bench has excellent environmental credentials. Appropriately, during his 20 years as Head Teacher at Elmsett School, Paul has encouraged many environmental projects and was keen that the school should take an active part in the development of Buckle's Wood.

So, with grateful thanks to all the people who have supported us over the last three years, our tree planting is complete. However, there are more projects in the pipeline that will keep us busy for next, and many more years to come. Keep in touch