Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wild and Watery

Work in the wood was almost cancelled today as the weather was foul! Even the ducks that visit our garden looked dismal.
However, a sturdy group of woodlanders, donned wet weather gear and woolly beanies and set off over the bridge, with a promise of hot soup and delicious cakes to follow, when the work was finished.
Why the urgency?
Well, with thanks to the Green Light Trust, we have received another Tree Council grant to buy more wild flower plugs and they have to be planted next month. To help the bee population, we have ordered nectar producing plants from British Wild Flower Plants in Norfolk.
The pupils from Elmsett School will put some of the plants into their tree nursery and then collect the seeds in the Autumn.
Thank you to everyone who helped today, to Jackie, Pam and Diane for the refreshments, and the super soup makers


Margaret said...

Lovely photo!

Eco-gran said...

Many thanks Margaret