Sunday, 8 February 2009

Main events for this year

We have planned three main working parties for this year. Others may be fitted in if needed!

March 28th, for general tidying up and sorting out.

June 13th, when we shall be preparing the wood in readiness for the School's Village Fete.

June 20th. The P.T.A.'s Village Fete. We shall have a stall to promote the woodland and raise funds.

September 12th, which will probably involve rakes and sunshine!

December 5th, which is a tentative date for a second hedge laying session. If we have a late spring, we hope that there will be time to fit another one in then.

At the last meeting of the Management Group, we decided to remember Blanche by placing another seat in the woodland, similar to the one on the left.
Like many other dog walkers, she loved the wood and the fact that she and the community could look forward to watching it grow and develop. Alas, it wasn't to be.

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