Monday, 30 May 2005

Village fete

The EGGS stall
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Our stall at the village fete looked good - well done everyone! - but it rained, and rained. We were all right for the first hour or two, despite a bit of a tussle with the gazebo (poles were in the wrong order, apparently). Sue had brought lots of sunflower seedlings to give away to children who could name the birds on a chart; the idea was that they took them home to grow for bird food in the autumn. James brought lots of branches, to make it look woodland-ish (made me think of Macbeth's "and now a wood comes toward Dunsinane.")

The wind blew the screens over (they were covered in the children's tree poetry), and the balloons bounced about. When everyone got too soggy, we packed up and went home.

Let's see - how does this go?
Liam pins his badge on.

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